BAIOBAY Coconut Oil is certified 100% Natural & Organic by Cosmos Ecocert. It is a virgin coconut oil, cold pressed, vegan and cruelty free.

It moisturizes face, body and hair by leaving a sweet scent of coconut.

BAIOBAY has set up a partnership with Trees for the Future:
1 product purchased = 1 tree planted

Below 22 ° C, Coconut Oil changes texture naturally and becomes solid. Pass the tube under lukewarm water to melt it. If you are outside, don't hesitate to put the Coconut Oil in your pocket for a few moments, it will warm up next to you.

Extra Tip: If it is cold, do not hesitate to keep the tube of BAIOBAY Coconut Oil upside down to prevent a solid plug of Coconut Oil from forming. So even if the Coconut Oil solidifies inside the tube, you can use it easily.

Above 25 ° C, Coconut Oil is liquid.

Made in France - Capacity: 100ml